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Nature and the practice of slow living are my two biggest sources of inspiration. Slow living encourages mindfulness and being present, while nature inspires calmness and connection to Earth. They help us live in alignment with our values and priorities and cultivate a sense of harmony with our surroundings.

I find inspiration in the presence of trees, a gentle breeze brushing against my skin, or even the enticing aroma of morning coffee. These simple yet tranquil experiences stir a deep well of creativity within me. My passion lies in capturing these serene moments and manifesting them in the physical world, inviting their essence into our living spaces. By doing so, I hope to bring back those memories spent outside and create a tangible reminder to slow down, embrace stillness and enjoy the smallest things in life. 








I also enjoy the process to create art for different styles of interior, therefore I’m always in awe of how a painting can bring new life into a room.



Further, I find it fascinating how each person interprets a painting differently; for example, although the painter may have drawn inspiration from the sky, another person may interpret it as the sea. A picture can also be felt—is it depressing or uplifting?

For me a ’a picture paints a thousand words’.

Recent works

2023- Kultúrális Pályázat Támogatás

2022- Virtual Artists UK, DreamART Exhibition

2022- Ashawagh Hall, East Hampton, NY, Members Art Show

2021- The Art Students League, NY, Classes

2021- The Art Studio, NY, Classes

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