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Greenery is inspired by the serene beauty of nature, particularly the tranquil presence of trees and the soothing essence of lush green surroundings.


If you're looking to bring some nature into your home, a green painting can be an easy way to achieve this. It can evoke feelings of being outdoors or in a garden, even if you're in the middle of a city.


Green can benefit the interior design of a house by creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere, as it's often associated with nature. This can be particularly useful in areas where you want to unwind, such as a bedroom or a living room. 


'Greenery' (sold)

Out of Stock
  • Acrylic paint on stretched canvas.

    80x100x4 cm.

    Colors can vary in different lighting.

    This piece is not framed. Framing is upon request, for more info please contact me at

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