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'Through My Window' presents an abstract interpretation of a window's view. It captures the essence of gazing through an aged, tall, white window onto nature, where colours blend seamlessly. In those moments, you drift into daydreams, leaving behind your worries to clear your mind.


I always adored looking through my window, or any window with a nice view, wishing I could be outside. Regardless of the season, the view is always changing but still the same, which gives such a comforting feeling. Perhaps my most cherished time occur in early spring when I can finally open the window to invite some fresh breeze into the room. Or on rainy days, when the soothing scent of rain fills the air. I love to sit by my window, sipping a warm cup of tea, allowing my gaze to become absorbed in the soothing rhythm of the raindrops. 

'Through My Window'

  • Acrylic paint and oil pastel on stretched canvas.

    100x120 cm.

    Colors can vary in different lighting.

    This piece is not framed. Framing is upon request, for more info please contact me at

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